Feature Story: Young Cambodian IT Students Created a POS app to help Small Local Retail Store in Cambodia.

11 October 2017.
Submitted By: Instinct Institute
Editor: No Fata

A group of IT students from Instinct Institute in Cambodia have created an app, which they believe it could help small local retail stores, coffee shops, and restaurants in Cambodia. The team named their mobile app as ClikPOS. ClikPOS is not different from other Point of Sale (POS) that you can find on cash desk of a coffee shop or supermarket. It is a Point of Sale application that runs on mobile device. The team is planning to release this application to App Store for public download in the 3rd week of October 2017, and the first release would support only iPad users.


The project, at first, was just an assignment for the team. The team applied what they have learned throughout different phases of System Analysis and Design. Those works included (1) doing online research for the existing similar system; (2) visiting coffee shops to inspect their business operation, and talking to staff to collect requirements to define the business process was; (3) designing the database, and UI/UX; (4) discussing their work with the students from IOS Development course; (5) working together to develop application; (6) collecting feedback; and (7) fixing bugs, and improving their application. The product was a result of series of meetings, discussion, and consultation within the team and/or with different stakeholders. Team has successfully tested this Apps to work with 9.7-inch IPAD and Epson TM802 POS Printer.


For the team, their app is believed to be potential when it is launched. First, there is a sharp growing trend of mobile device purchases and Internet users in Cambodia. In Cambodia, more and more people are becoming netizen and mobile users. Based on the figure 1, the number of mobile phone subscription in early 2017 was 27.60 million, which was almost twice larger than the country’s total population, 15.95 million. The number of Internet users was 7.16 million in January 2017, which was 43% higher than that in January 2016. Base on the study by (Seiha, 2015), the number of the restaurants in Cambodia keep increasing from 661 in 2011, 793 in 2012, to 952 in 2013. The number of small scale food shop (retail, glossaries, drink…) was 6,572 in 2010.

Figure 1 Source: https://www.slideshare.net/sagacious/south-east-asia-digital-mobile-scene-in-2017?qid=1362bd8d-a71a-4bb4-adec-5defd27aad59&v=&b=&from_search=1

Second, unlike other apps of the kinds, ClikPOS is very user-friendly and cost-effective. ClikPOS takes less than 5 minutes to install, 15 minutes to register, and less than 30 minutes to install the infrastructure. Multiple users or cashiers can switch their roles and take orders with the several online performance reports for the store owners. It also requires lower cost for maintenance and mobility. These selling points of ClikPOS will help the team realize their goals of creating a mobile application for small coffee shops and retail stores to fit the Cambodia economic status. ClikPOS will be available for download via AppStore in the 3rd Week of October, 2017. More information on ClikPOS is on its official website www.clikpos.com.


Seiha, H. (2015). Study Report on Restaurant Consumer Market (Vols. 1, Issues 2). Journal of Restaurant Industry.